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Happy new years everyone, I want to introduce myself to you, I want to begin about a small little blog about my life as as Rank 4 King video gamer, and little bit of peek in my real life.

I made a name for myself back in 2009 when I won a super smash tournament as Pikachu, not national level but it won me couple of hefty grand :)

I have always been a gamer but recently I am into self development and improving my health and appearance. I have always been a bit self conscious about one snaggle tooth I had so I am using some of the money I made from my tournament and seeing a dentist in Grand Rapids for some correction.

They have an orthodontist in the office that does biobloc treatment which is pretty amazing, anyways apparent he’s like the best in the state when it comes to producing incredible smiles so I got pretty lucky.

Going back to my real life, like I said I am into fitness and improving my physical appearance these days. Don’t get me wrong there are certain sexual intentions involved as I want to improve myself and be the best mating partner I can be. I was never an outstanding dating expert, to be honest I have always struggled a bit with women. I have always been too shy and not that confident in myself, maybe this is why I go into video games as a form of denial and suppression. I am now 25 and I’m over pretending to be happy, I want to really reach for happiness whatever that may be.

And in my picture or vision of happiness, I see myself with a beautiful woman and to make this dream come true I have to make myself worthy of that kind of love and romance. I will do whatever it takes to accomplish it

I sometimes tell myself I am beautiful and I am sexy because I believe in the power of affirmations. Whatever I affirm to be true in my mind will come to pass. And lately I am starting to like myself more. Its a bit by bit process and sometimes I fall off the deep end and my productivity suffers but I am trying, and each day is hard but I am trying my best.

Everyday is a struggle, I come to realize life is about problem solving and managing issues, there is never a place where everything is fine and dandy and we think that’s happiness but I tend to disagree, I think life is more about give and take. Its about being the loser that has the willpower to get back up again, its not about the victor that wins all of the time. Yet society brain washes us into thinking that we must win every time or we are not winners.

I find that bit lopsided in thinking because I have found that no matter how perfect you arrange your day, week, month or year there is always some unpredictability to life that you were aware of that can take you up like a storm and spit you back out and leave you a little different and a bit dizzy.

I have been there many a times and its a place of hurricane as I like to call it, what if instead of trying to stay balanced and calm all the time we move in all different directions and exert ourselves to the best of our ability. That is what I like to shoot and that kind of mentality is what I want to instill in myself. I learned this from my recent mentor by the name of Grant Cardone who is a ex-car salesman that becomes a business owner and now turned into coach with few best selling books out. The man is on fire and he will really instill that drive to hustle and succeed. I am needing that drive, that will, I will catch it, I will ride it, and I will live with it.

success is for the taking guys

talk to you soon.

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