Going on a date, start of a strong, empowering 2015

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My last post I talked about one of my goal for 2015 was to find a girl friend. Well the other day I was out with some budies at a restaurant and I found t a girl sitting at the bar. I was very nervous but I found her very pretty so I decided to get some drinks at the bar and start a conversation with her. I opened with a simple hello and apparently she was pretty lonely because she told me she was waiting for her friend to arrive but they decided to bail on her and now she was all alone at this fancy restaurant.

WHen you ask for somethign the universive seems to provide you with the help to get you there. She was into me from the start because I think she really respected my courage to go talk to her, I am not that traditionally good looking by any means but as I have been listening to Grand Cardone recently and its more about the action we take than the person we are, I really love the concept because it frees us from our physicality and more from our willpower our spiirtual centers where we tap into endless limitless opportunities and potential. What if human beings were all equal and our success only depend on our will power and drive to succeeed.

Let me tell you it is a whole new paradigm and a new way of thinking that I am trying to adopt and put into action figuretive and literally. Anyway what ended up happening with the girl was that it was time for my friends to leave and the girl was leaving to. Instead of getting her phone number I asked her on a date involving a limo, because I have been working with a owner of a company and to view their fleets click here I was confident I can get some great deals and make a really special date night with it.

This confidence that I knew I can provide some great entertainment showed in my posture and demeanor. She said yes and I was ecstatic but I tried not to show it. Moving forward in 2015, I want to be less reactive and more responsive. I want to control my destiny and my future not by what happened in the past which is whole bunch of rejections but what will happen in the future moving forward. Look I am headed to the next level in my life and I can’t take everyone with me but my willpower to suceed. And 2015 will be my year for a break through. I am sick of my old problems and meddling with those. I am ready for new problems and new levels of success. And I think the key to success is massive action as Grant Teaches. And I will Go to great lengths to express it as best as I can.


This is the best video I found about dating, women, and relationship. I have been following RSD forever and have found that their material has evolved for long time. From meditation to best smoothie drinks to going out everyday they have made a very interesting lifestyle plan that is a path of evolution towards the best man you can ever imagine to becoming. This is the best course for men in my honest opinion. So I will quickly list…

the top 10 best things I learned from RSD.

  1. Not about women but yourself
  2. pain is good because it helps you grow
  3. its about being in the now and taking massive action
  4. whoever takes the most action, is most successful
  5. the best lays are when you are faced with big challenges
  6. women love a man who leads
  7. money is not required but being the man with vision is
  8. drive, goals, is more important and sexy to women
  9. having goals is more important than anything else
  10. take 10x action

-R4King signing out.

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