story about getting a date

talked about how for this new up coming year one of my goal was to find a girl to date, so I have been working on this as of late and going out with friends. I want to tell you about a story a week ago where I was out with some buddies at a bar, drinking beers and found an old lady friend of mine sitting at the bar. After few beers I had enough courage to go speak with her about the usual conversations like “where you been”, “What have you been up to, etc.”

I decided to have her join our table and we continued our talk and had some shots as well. As the night progressed, to my surprise she was still into me and I got her number, she almost gave to me. And the next day I was tortured on what I should do with this number. I saw on an online video to not go the traditional route and take her out to a restaurant but take her out somewhere cool like a concert. So I decided to do just that and I had a brilliant idea of getting a limo service to take us there and back so we wouldn’t have to worry about drinking and driving. I looked up some in my area and found few cool sites but I went with one with the coolest fleet

Next was the hard bit, the actual phone call! Honestly I was so nervous that I tried to call and couldn’t get myself to do it for almost 2 hours. I know, its pretty embarrassing, I wish I had the same confidence when I was Rank 4 King in the video game world as I do with women. I was so nervous, I honestly just grabbed a fifth of liquor and downed like 2 huge gulps. This gave me a quick buzz and numbness to my fear. I made the call and acted as confidently as I could but I think she was quite impressed with my idea of concert plus a limo. Its pretty tempting right?!

And guess what she said YESSSSSSSSS

I tried to hold in my excitement and acted like this type of stuff happens to me all the time, but to be honest I wanted to jump out of my throat and jump in joy.

It is amazing what happens when you something like a girl showing you attraction can do to your sense of self.

For the rest of the day I was walking around like I was on top of the world. haha

I swear I looked more handsome and walked taller, and felt taller too.

I just felt more powerful and in love with myself … yes More please…

The date is scheduled for next Thursday and I’m planning on the clothes I will wear and shopping online for some good men cologne. maybe I am caring too much about this and I know better not to be head over hills for some girl as I have had painful experience in the past but I’ve been reading self help books that has taught me to not let the past define you, it is what we do today, right here & now that define and shape our future.

I will live As I have always envisioned myself to be, bold, fearless, & a leader. This girl is not the end all be all, it is my action taking that I most value, and massive action taking as Grant Cardone has been teaching me.

With this in mind, I do not care about the girl or the success of the date. but rather what I did. Was I reactive or responsive. This will be my new criteria of success and I hope you follow me on my new growth as a man outside of the video game world.

Talk to you soon. R4King

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